Tillett DEBUT Artists 2020

Connaught Brass (Brass Quintet)

Connaught Brass

Dominic Degavino (piano)

Dominic Degavino 5
©Lin Deng

They will both be performing at Wigmore Hall on 23rd November 2020.

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What is the Tillett Debut scheme?

As part of its policy of helping young musicians, the Trust became the founding sponsor of a young musicians scheme created over 30 years ago to bring burgeoning talent to a wider audience through concert platforms around the UK. The aim of the scheme is to introduce new young artists to the concert circuit without exposing them to any personal financial burden and to provide financial and personal backup at this stage of an musician’s career.

The scheme selects by audition a small number of musicians each year with a view to their giving them a shared platform at a central London hall before going on to play at music festivals and concert societies around the UK.

Important aspects of the initiative include:

  • Shouldering the risk of promoting a London concert and allowing musicians to perform to as wide and as influential an audience as possible.
  • Providing continuing concert experience and so allowing for building repertoire and learning professional stagecraft.
  • Boosting income at a time when finances are at their most vulnerable.
  • Offering practical and financial help with producing publicity material including brochures, photographs and demo recordings.
  • Providing sympathetic support and guidance with career decisions

The London concerts form part of the Monday Platform series at Wigmore Hall and Kings Place.

Auditions for the next set of DEBUT artists have been postponed until Autumn 2021.  Further details will be posted on this site when the the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 situation have been resolved.