Latest news – January 2021

As we start a new year, things remain relatively quiet on the live music front, but our artists haven’t stood still waiting for it all to pass. Our newest DEBUT Artists have been busy recording, filming and streaming so that when concerts with audiences come back, they can hit the ground running. The Tillett Trust has been doing everything it can to aid them in these projects.

Pianist Dominic Degavino has been producing an almost uninterrupted series of streamed concerts since July last year, all of which can be found on his website. Plus, his concert of Brahms, Bach and Debussy from December for Kings Lynn Festival will be available to watch from Thursday 28th January, so watch out for that here.

Connaught Brass have also been busy and have managed to carefully navigate the added difficulties of playing in a brass group during this time. They are about to release a video sponsored by the Tillett Trust that they recorded at Henry Wood Hall in December. We will post that on here as soon as it becomes available.

Image: Connaught Brass perform for a live-streamed concert for Canterbury Music Club in December