Interview with Maria Gîlicel

Ahead of her concert at Kings Place on Monday 20 May, we asked violinist Maria Gîlicel a few questions…

Who are your biggest musical influences?

I would say my all-time favourite artists are Sergei Rachmaninoff, Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Henryk Szeryng, and several folk musicians from Eastern Europe, among others. However my musical preferences are constantly changing!

Which piece would you like to perform in the future?

I am currently planning on learning Bartok’s Second Violin Concerto over the summer and I am very, very excited about the results that may come out of it!

Which piece are you most looking forward to performing at Kings Place, and why?

Definitely Franck’s Sonata. I have a special place in my heart for this Sonata and it has been evolving with me for the last two years. I love playing it with Alison — she knows this piece backwards and I feel we can really be spontaneous with it whenever we perform it.

How have the performance opportunities offered by the Tillett Trust been important to you?

So far the Tillett Trust concerts have been great and the organisation in general has been amazing! Katie, at the Trust, is so helpful and lovely, and always unbelievably supportive. Being able to experience this level of professionalism whilst still being a student makes me feel very hopeful and excited about my career and about performing new repertoire in new locations.

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